deep sea big seafood in a small box video production


A short video (3-mins) for social media. Watch the full video here.

About the Client

Deep Sea Fishery Kingdom is a seafood trading company supplying quality frozen seafood products to local & international seafood distributors.

Customers can also buy seafood online from their website -

The Process

The Goal

Our client wants to increase their brand awareness and at the same time promote their new product - Big Seafood in a Small Box, in conjunction with the upcoming Mooncake Festival celebration.

They wanted a video that could stir viewers' emotions and has a touch of humour to it, to fit the interests of their target audience.

Target Audience

The intended audience of this video would be:

  1. working adults with busy lifestyle
  2. university students who lived away from their parents

The Product

Big Seafood in a Small Box is a ready-made frozen seafood that customers can easily prepare with a microwave. The seafood comes in a variety of choices, including:

  1. Blue Mussel with Chili Bean Paste
  2. Salmon with Wafu Dressin
  3. Asari Clam with Kam Heong Sauce
  4. Nam Jim Perch Fillet
  5. Portuguese Mix Seafood

The Concept

festival video production slide cover

Based on our research and understanding of the client's requirements, we finalized the video concept as below:

Through the exaggerated interaction between parents and children, it brings out the parents' love for their children, and the children's desire to meet their parents' expectations. But everyone is unique – what one likes is closely related to one's life background, age, and education.

In this story, we highlight the cultural differences between the two generations and how family members should be more understanding and considerate to each other. We should open up our hearts and accept everyone around us.

With the combination of talents and story plot, we try to position the company as a brand that cares about their consumers.

The talents' performance themselves would give off a ridiculous yet personal "comedy" effect, which makes the story dramatic for more internet views.

We came up with the slogan for the video:


- meaning "I care about whatever you like" (sounds better in Chinese though).

Video language: Chinese

Video subtitles: English & Chinese

Storyline & Screenplay

mockup of video storyline summary

With the video concept in place, we developed the storyline summary and presented to the client in a second meeting.

And voila! Client is happy with the summary, but their main concern would be, can our talents pull it off?

screenplay and screenwriting mockup

Hence, our next step is writing the screenplay, because talents would need to know their lines before they decide whether they want to take up an acting job or not.

Characters Introduction

smiling guy played by KC Yam

Alex (Male, age 20-25)

Played by: KC Yam

Friendly and good-looking guy with a lively personality.

The only child from a middle-class family, mommy's boy.

Left hometown for work purposes, but goes home to eat regularly.

Happy & excited girl with hands clasped together, played by Olivia Liew

Girlfriend (Female, age 20-25)

Played by: Olivia LiewAlex's hipster KOL girlfriend.

Looks obedient but she can be independent.

Like to play TikTok and very presentable.

Loves to eat especially instant meals.

concerned mother played by Ain Evon

Mother (Female, age 40-45)

Played by: Ain Evon

Alex's mother.

Loves Alex very dearly. A powerful housewife in the family.

Always hoping Alex to get married soon.

serious father played by Lim Hui Hong

Father (Male, 40-45)

Played by: Lim Hui Hong

Alex's father.

Loves Alex very much.

An office worker who's afraid of his wife.

Shooting Venues

interior shots of a condominium unit

Condominium at Seri Kembangan

Primary shooting scene: living room

interior shots of a homely house

Terrace House at Jalan Boginvilla

Primary shooting scene: Kitchen

Shooting Day

Once we have the talents & venues finalised, we set the shooting date on 24 August 2020. Our estimated shooting schedule as follows:

  • 07:00AM - 08:00AM:Breakfast
  • 08:00AM - 09:00AM:Condo shooting set up, actors make-up
  • 09:00AM - 10:30AM:Alex's House S1 Shooting (Daytime)
  • 10:30AM - 11:15AM:Pack up shooting equipment
  • 11:15AM - 11:45AM:Move to second shooting venue
  • 11:45AM - 12:30PM:Lunch time
  • 12:30PM - 13:30PM:Kitchen shooting set up, mom & dad make-up, Alex & girlfriend change outfits.
  • 13:30PM - 16:00PM:Kitchen shooting scene (Evening time, windows to be darkened with black papers)
  • 16:00PM - 16:45PM:Mom & dad living room shooting scene (Daytime)
  • 16:45PM - 17:00PM:Mom voiceover recording
  • 17:00PM - 17:30PM:Mom & dad house S2 shooting (Entrance gate night scene, have to wait until dark for shooting)

Even though we estimated to finish shooting at 5.30pm, we actually completed the shoot at 9.30pm to deliver the quality expected by our client.

Video Editing

text overlay on a video still frame

Slogan placed in video with writing animation effect.

big seafood in a small box food array

Added a quick overview shot of the client's products and packaging.

hand swiping malaysia seafood website
buy big seafood in a small box from Jaya Grocer

A cut scene showing viewers where to get the products online and offline (Jaya Grocer).

big seafood in a small box by deep sea fishery kingdom

Last but not least, we ended the clip with client's branding.

video still frame with subs

Once client is happy with the video, we added English and Chinese subtitles to it.

Project Completed

And voila! The video is now live! Check it out:

Client Testimonial

whatsapp feedback from deep sea
facebook recommendation from deep sea
google review from deep sea

After Thoughts:

Overall it was a challenging project for us but we manage to pull it off in a short time frame under 2 months!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Deep Sea for putting their trust in New Ideas as their video production partner. Let's work together again!

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